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Illusions of Art

New Project Productions“Illusions of Art” by Dorotej Neshovski press to exit project space3 – 14th December, 2018, 10-15.00 and 20-22.00 h

“Illusions of Art” by Dorotej Neshovski (b. 1988, Skopje) is an research-based project which deals with concepts of creative spontaneity, visual articulation, social inclusivity, pedagogy and abstracting of the relation between gallery – audience – artist.

 “Illusions of Аrt” was realized within the framework of the program “New Project Productions” and resulted in a series of objects / images, digital prints, drawings, photo documentation and ephemeral interventions in space. Experienced by the author as “urban visual and mental graphic maps”, where the authors’ experiences of people, situations, energies, spaces, and events, coexist in parallel notion, the works are built with layered color-graphic intensity. They provoke and communicate with us by directing our gaze simultaneously inward, into our intimate space of memories, and outward, towards the public sphere of everyday experiences.

Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński / Film projection and conversation

International Symposium Curating Exchange | Film projection and conversation with Belinda Kazeem-Kaminski | Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje | 15th Novemberr, 2018, 8pm

On Thursday, 15th November, at 8pm at the Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje will take place a screening of two short films and a conversation with Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński, a Viennese artist, art-based researcher and writer. She is interested in memory, trauma and Black radical imagination, and currently is PhD-in-Practice candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.

Within her first appearance to the Macedonian audience, Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński will present her research and artistic practice by showing her two short films “Unearthing. In Conversation” (2017) and “The Letter” (2018) after which a conversation with the audience will follow.

The body as a spaceship: meditation as an artistic and experimental practice

International Symposium Curating Exchange | Presentation by Lisa Nyberg: The body as a spaceship: meditation as an artistic and experimental practice | Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje | 26th October, 2018, 8pm

“Bravely balancing into the body as a spaceship, confronted with an unknown and disturbing future, we will work on our collective care and endurance skills and share our knowledge in a breathing, listening and collective writing session.” Our guide to this journey is Lisa Nyberg, a visual artist based in Malmö, Sweden. She explores the radical possibilities of pedagogy and performance through processes that involves collective, utopian, transgressive, intersectional and critical practices. In her work, she is addressing cultural and educational canons, by examining the production, position and transmission of knowledge.

Curating Exchange | Presentation by Gergely László

International Symposium Curating Exchange | Presentation by Gergely László | Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje |  13th October, 2018, 8pm

The presentation is part of Press To Exit Project Space’s yearly program titled “Undisciplined Forms of Knowledge” in the frame of Lectures, Presentations and Exhibitions Series, and the International Symposium “Curating Exchange 7: Curating Urban Communities”.

Gergely László (1979) is a member of the artist collective Tehnica Schweiz with Péter Rákosi (1971) since 2004. Tehnica Schweiz has worked in collaboration with Serbian artist Katarina Šević (1979) on several occasions in the past years. László and Šević are both currently based in Berlin. Between 2002 and 2012, in Budapest, they were involved in running a variety of art spaces including Dinamo, Impex – Contemporary Art Provider and Lumen Foundation.

Резиденциски престој / Курирање заедништва во урбан контекст

Резиденциски престојЈованка Попова и Мира ГаќинаПроект „Курирање заедништва во урбан контекст“ во Limidity Temporary Art Projects  |  Мароко, 8-23 октомври, 2018

Кое е влијанието на општествените судири во процесот на создавање на современи уметнички практики? Како ги толкуваме различните историски интерпретации и нивното влијание врз урбаниот развој и визуелната уметност? Осврнувајќи се на историскиот и урбаниот развој на Ел Јадида, со неговите богати мултикултурни различности, истражувањето се фокусира на практики кои генерираат процес на модификација на актуелната во нов вид на општествена реалност, на ниво на интеракција помеѓу помеѓу уметничкото и секојдневното искуство.

Curator in residence / Limidity Temporary Art Projects

Curators in Residence | Jovanka Popova and Mira Gakjina |  Curating Urban Commons Project at Limidity Temporary Art Projects  |  Morocco, 9-23 October, 2018

What is the input of social clashes in the process of producing contemporary art practices? How do we interpret different histories and its direct effect on urban development and visual art? Addressing subjects such as the historical and urban development of El Jadida, with its rich multicultural diversities, the research interests are focused upon practices that generate process of modification of actual into new kind of social reality, on the level of interaction between the artistic and the daily experience.

ЕУ – Уметнички самит на Западен балкан

Презентација на Јованка Попова | EU – Western Balkans Art Summit | организиран од FLUCA – Austrian Cultural Pavillion | Гете институт, Софиа |  17-18 мај, 2018

FLUCA Автрисиот културен павиљон организира собир на куратори, теоретичари и галеристи од уметничка сцена од Западен Балкан со намера да отвори дијалог за иднината и визијата за уметноста во регионот.

Намерата е да се дискутира за поновата историја на уметноста од Балканот, за значењето на терминот Западен Балкан, и како тоа се одразува (или не се одразува) врз современата уметност во засегнатите земји. Ќе се обидеме да одговориме на прашањето за начините на интегрирање на уметноста од овие земји во контекст на европската сцена.

EU – Western Balkans Art Summit

Jovanka Popova’s presentation | EU – Western Balkans Art Summit |  organised by FLUCA – Austrian Cultural Pavillion | Goethe – Institute, Sofia  |  17-18 May, 2018

FLUCA – Austrian Cultural Pavilion gathers curators, theorists and gallerists from the Western Balkans art scene to dialogue on the future vision of art in the region.

We will talk about the latest history of art from the Balkans, about the meaning of the Western Balkans, and whether it reflects (or does not reflect) on contemporary art in the countries concerned. An answer will be sought to the question of ways of integrating art from these countries into the context of the European scene.

Art and political space in Europe

External activities | Yane Calovski’s presentation | Art and political space in Europe: Alliances with civil society and strategies for collaboration – Another Europe More Europe #2 Organised by: Kunstenpunt in collaboration with BOZAR BOZAR Mezzanine, Brussels, 28 February, 2018

With this second round table on culture in Europe, we try to understand the actual political and social context in which artists and organizations are working in Central and South-East Europe and how engaged initiatives reconnect with civil society and reinvent institutional models. Tendencies of nationalism and populism are the case all over Europe. What can we learn from each other, what are the needs of art initiatives in Central and South-East Europe and how can we work together?

Reclaim, recode, reinvent / Urban art and activism in Eastern Europe

External activities | Jovanka Popova’s presentation | Reclaim, recode, reinvent / Urban art and activism in Eastern Europe  | Organised by: Coordinate System Project and Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung  Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Berlin (20. February) and Krytyka Polityczna, Warsaw (22.February), 2018

Artists and curators from Eastern and South-eastern Europe present their subversive strategies in urban spaces. How does politically engaged art survive in an era in which democracy is increasingly being eroded?

At the launch of the new book, “Reclaim, recode, reinvent – Urban art and activism in Eastern Europe”, the assembled contributions and projects of the network “coordinate system” are presented. In 2017, artists, scientists, and activists from twelve different countries in Eastern, South-eastern and Central Europe, discussed their ongoing projects in Berlin. They bring to light the prospects for creative forms of participation in urban development: