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Coordinate System Project

External activities | press to exit project space | Jovanka Popova | Coordinate System Project | organized by Butterbrot Cultural Project, Partizaning | Berlin, 14 – 22 May, 2017.

Jovanka Popova, program coordinator of press to exit project space participated with the presentation of press to exit project space activities at  the LAB program as part of Coordinate System Project (from May 14-19). During the program artists, activists and urban researches join hands in order to network, gather inspiration and draw up projects.

How does art survive at a time when democracy is being eroded? What answers to the rapid acquisition of public spaces by private entrepreneurs and politics can art offer? Which practices need to be developed? How can artistic practices break existing coordinates? What are the subversive strategies that need to be implemented?

Three themed sessions with researchers, artists and curators from Central and East European countries will take place. They will include lectures, presentations, panel discussions and video screenings. The aim is to create an opportunity to present and assess the current state of affairs with regard to artistic interaction with urban public spaces.