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Lecture by Anton Lederer

Lecture by Anton Lederer |   | Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje, 12 December 2017, 20.00 

press to exit project space together with The Museum of Contemporary Art invites you to the lecture by Anton Lederer, co-founder of <rotor> Center for Contemporary Art in Graz, Austria.

In his lecture Anton Lederer will focus on the question of institutional strategies. What kind of art do we want to present and produce? And, whom do we want do address with our cultural activities?
Many art institutions and initiatives face the same situation: There is a well informed but relatively small audience of experts and art lovers. How can we attract other people for contemporary art who often think that it is too complicated and only for insiders? Anton Lederer will follow the idea that an art production which is related to people’s personal life circumstances and touches questions of the nowadays society is able to raise strong interest of many.