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All That We Have in Common

External activity |  All That We Have in Common exhibition curated by Jovanka Popova and Mira Gakjina | Hristina Ivanoska’s performance and installation Easy Accumulation of Capital | Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje21. 12. 2019–01. 03. 2020

“All That We Have in Common” is a collective work, that emerges at times of uncertainty in the capitalist system, and through analysis of specific works of art and practices, aims to strip away the precarious socially/critically constructed discourse and its manifestations. Capitalism, through its authoritarian policies, creates a world in which the structures of power are adamantly on the side of the rich, oppressing the lives of the underprivileged and marginalized. The neoliberal culture is abundant in language of innovations and novelties with tendencies to produce capital, and yet the culture has never been more degraded.

If the general uncertainty – reflected in the work, education, popular culture and individual and collective psychology of contemporary society – generates conservatism in the culture, then the following questions are relevant: “Which forms of action and organization may contribute to making art both exciting and useful again? Should art become a supplement of the politics, in terms that the politics may benefit from incorporating art-specific elements, or should we politicize art? Are there possible ways of returning modernity to social forms of action and association and what are the ways in which art and culture can contribute in this?”

Participating artists: Daniel García Andújar (Spain), Julieta Aranda (Mexico), Tania Bruguera (Cuba), Chto Delat (Russia), Hristina Ivanoska (North Macedonia), Sanja Iveković (Croatia), Gjorgje Jovanovik (North Macedonia), Adrian Paci (Albania), Nada Prlja (North Macedonia), Hito Steyerl (Germany), Anton Vidokle (Russia and USA), Artur Żmijewski (Poland). Visual identity: Neda Firfova



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