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Illusions of Art

New Project Productions“Illusions of Art” by Dorotej Neshovski press to exit project space3 – 14th December, 2018, 10-15.00 and 20-22.00 h

“Illusions of Art” by Dorotej Neshovski (b. 1988, Skopje) is an research-based project which deals with concepts of creative spontaneity, visual articulation, social inclusivity, pedagogy and abstracting of the relation between gallery – audience – artist.

 “Illusions of Аrt” was realized within the framework of the program “New Project Productions” and resulted in a series of objects / images, digital prints, drawings, photo documentation and ephemeral interventions in space. Experienced by the author as “urban visual and mental graphic maps”, where the authors’ experiences of people, situations, energies, spaces, and events, coexist in parallel notion, the works are built with layered color-graphic intensity. They provoke and communicate with us by directing our gaze simultaneously inward, into our intimate space of memories, and outward, towards the public sphere of everyday experiences.

The basic artistic tool for Neshovsky are the color pencils. They represent “the connection between nature and the human”, (quote from “UM / A-1”, and the series “Unnamed”). The project sets out two key questions: what do the illusions and how we experience them in everyday life, and whether the human, as a remarkable natural phenomenon, is an illusion itself ?, referencing the seminal work by Saul McLeod and Ian Gordon, on visual perception and its historical and philosophical context.

The association of the pencil with the idea of naivety and children’s play is an essential key in unlocking the issues within “Illusions of Art”. As the project ventures also intro the public sphere. By holding the work high to obscure his face, he walks around the city seeking to explore the relations his work can produce outside of the institutional (gallery) context.

“Illusions of Art” is realized within the framework of the annual program “Undisciplined Forms of Knowledge” supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia for 2018. Due to the limited capacity of the exhibition space, we request that all interested parties call (add telephone number) and reserve their visit.

Dorotej Neshovski (Skopje 1989) graduated from the Faculty of fine arts in Skopje, Sculpture Department in 2012. As one of the founders of the art group SEE, established in 2012, he is an active member and participant in all the projects of this group. He has exhibited at numerous group exhibitions in Macedonia including: “SEE, UM/A 1” (2015) and “It’s Easier to Breathe Underground” (2017). He took part in the 6th International Symposium “Curating Exchange: Spaces, Functions, Fictions and Other Commons” organized by press to exit project space, where he presented his performative lecture “Fictions and the spaces I inhabit” addressing the array of potential readings into the pubic concepts of ephemeral versus permanent, public versus institutional, and virtual versus physical space while creating a so-called “invisible works.”He is author of the “Art is not what you want” (Private Print, Skopje, 2017) an art book on drawing, presented in Skopje, Berlin, Tokyo and Paris. Lives and works in Skopje.  








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