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Fictions and the Spaces I Inhabit and Small Victories

Presentation by Klelija Zivkovic: “Small Victories”, Dorotej Neshovski “Fictions and the Spaces I Inhabit” and meeting with Ludwig Kittinger, Ana de Almeida and Phelim McConigly(<dienstag abend> collective) | The 6th International Symposium Curating Exchange | Spaces, Functions, Fictions and Other Commons | organized by press to exit project space | 10 May 2017, Social center Dunja, Skopje at 20:00 h

“Small Victories” by Klelija Zivkovic is a project about archiving the changes in the city of Skopje through using personal experience as an artifact. The project aims to explore the relationship of the citizens to their city and utilize their perspective as a unique document that tells a story of a history that is being replaced and re-fabricated. 

Dorotej Neshovski’s presentation: “Fictions and the spaces I inhabit” gives an insight into the research interests of the artist regarding the relationship “individual-gallery-institution” and the array of potential readings into the ephemeral versus permanent, public versus institutional, virtual versus physical gallery space while creating a so-called “invisible works.”

Ludwig Kittinger, Ana de Almeida and Phelim McConigly will introduce us with the idea of their site-specific workshop titled “dienstag abend No. 86 “and the way in which interested parties will be involved in it.

As described: “dienstag abend No. 86” is a workshop about situations, interventions and interferences. We want to share the myriad of processes that have come to define how <dienstag abend> takes place through different events, exhibitions and editions. For it we invite our guests to find a situation, to intervene on it and to receive back new interventions and interferences that might take place upon their own work. In our collective practice, a situation may be a way of making our surroundings intelligible to ourselves after an individual reading of the moment. Embracing misunderstandings and errors, these readings fuel ontology of feedback loops and their contingent outcomes, enabling a situational understanding of space instead of an exclusively representative one. 

As a site-specific workshop conducted in the city of Skopje, we consider all spaces as a field of interest: public, commercial, emotional, institutional space, etc. The works and artistic interventions are immaterial, as well as the posterior and unpredictable interferences that will happen upon them. Documenting and sharing are rooted in the amazing processes of oral tradition and will form the material substrate left after our workshop.

Klelija Zivkovic is social designer that was born and raised in Skopje, Macedonia. She holds a Master’s degree in Social design from the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Her work focuses mainly on Skopje and exploring various aspects of living and using the city.

Dorotej Neshovski is a multidisciplinary artist whose interests range from participatory actions, methodologies of mappings and resonances, extra-institutional actions, research practices and children’s education. Since 2012 he is one of the founding members of Art Group SEE with whom he has realized a number of projects. Neshovski is a graduate of the Department of sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje (2012). His forthcoming artist book “Art is not want you want” will be published by Priaveteprint from Skopje in 2017. Lives and works in Skopje. 

Ludwig Kittinger, born in Graz, is an artist based in Vienna. In 2010 he co- founded <dienstag abend>. He is a board member of Ve.Sch art association and currently Univ.- Ass. at the department of Sculpture and Space at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Ana de Almeida is an artist currently living and working in Vienna. She is currently a PhD candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, pursuing a thesis about the production of images and its ideological implications in the 1974-1989 inter-revolutionary space between the Carnation and the Velvet Revolutions. Ana de Almeida started working with <dienstag abend> in 2012 and joined the collective in 2015.

Phelim McConigly lives and works in Vienna since 2006. He is PHD candidate at Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. He is founder of the Atanas Petrov Foundation, and an artist with a curatorial practice in site specificity, including Appendix (2015) and Parallax (2016), involving multiple actors and agents at the medical museum, University Hospital “Georgi Stranski” in Pleven, Bulgaria – projects instigating artistic difference and research methods which involve the creation of institution as parasite, site for recuperation, in relation to the social role of art and agency in new institutions. He is a member of <dienstag abend> since 2015, a collective with curatorial tendencies which considers situations composed by its actors, the local environment and/or the collective mechanisms that are triggered in each of our project editions. Phelim has been a student of Daniel Richter / Extended Pictorial Space since 2010. With many year of experience in software tools development and an interest in data, through methods such as game theory, evolutionary algorithms, simulated annealing, and their use in arts-based practice, Phelim uses this knowledge to broaden a material basis from canvas to public sculpture with digital possibilities

<dienstag abend> is a collective and same-named programme based in Vienna, founded in 2009 at Kunstraum Ve.Sch by Ludwig Kittinger and Fernando Mesquita which became an itinerant collective joined by Ana de Almeida, Sophie Thun, Dorota Walentynowicz and Feidhlim McConigly. We consider <dienstag abend> to be a situation composed by its acteurs, the local environment and/or the collective mechanisms that are triggered in each of our project editions. <dienstag abend> deals with questions of curating and (new) forms of display, our collaborative projects are reflections about the very process of intervening in a space. What are the inherent effects upon a specific place in the urban landscape while faced with an artistic intervention and which are the implicit power relations within an intervention that happen outside the place’s own dynamics? These and other questions are materialized in project specific curatorial processes and artistic practices. Our nomadic projects feed themselves from the specificities of a myriad of spaces and display the roulette of dynamics inherent to working at/with what is public, private, associative, commercial, non-commercial, institutional, hype, forgotten, structured, wild (…). <dienstag abend> situates events that are driven by the idea of heterarchy, it is always collaborative, interdisciplinary and site-specific.

In partnership with:
Social Center “Dunja”, Skopje

Supported by:

Österreichischen Botschaft Skopje

Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia




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