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Bubbles, Foam and Seas

Public lecture with Mauro Gil-Fournier: “Bubbles, Foam and Seas” | The 6th International Symposium Curating Exchange | Spaces, Functions, Fictions and Other Commons | organized by press to exit project space | 12 May 2017GEM Club, Skopje, 19:00 – 21:00 h

As described by Mauro Gil-Fournier, an architect and co-founder of architectural studio SIC | VIC from Madrid: As a collective, we want to place a nonlinear history of dynamics that are currently occurring in many of our cities under 3 different states. Citizen bubbles, such as the appearance and disappearance of citizen organizations and the creation of networks between them. The foams or states of complexity that arise when the bubble ecosystem has been created. The seas, as a transition-articulation between established models. These dynamics are not progressive or evolutionary in a linear fashion; Occur simultaneously in the city. They form a system with strong interactions and feedbacks between the components of the system. The non-linear history that we want to have here, with its attractors and its bifurcations, create dynamics that in the present case have a key factor: their situated character. We will explain through our work and development with the city, what makes Madrid today a prototype of citizen innovation and urban transformation.

Mauro Gil-Fournier is an architect and co-founder of SIC | VIC Studio. His work is focused on the progress of architecture, city and territory from urban and citizen innovation. Both structures work in a radical inclusion of the multilateral and collaborative process in the architectural and urban fields. Estudio SIC has created VIC Vivero de Inciativas Ciudadanas as a platform for urban studies that investigates the ways in which relational, material and technological are linked into citizen innovation practices. Its work has been exhibited in many national and international forums such as the recent Oslo Architecture Triennale (2016), Householding Fair Bauhaus-Dessau (2015), Lisbon Architecture Triennale (2013), or Rome Public Space Biennial (2013) Also awarded in The Mies van der Rohe European Award (2007), Detail Prize 2009, Bauwelt (2009), AR Awards and FAD (2008) and others. It´s works is periodically published and it´s invited in conferences in the main forums, meetings and publications of architecture and urban studies. SIC | VIC is nowadays developing the iberoamerican mapping of citizen innovation civics.es and the resilience urban program called maresmadrid.es 

In partnership with:
GEM Club, Skopje

Supported by:
Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain in Skopje



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