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presstoexit / 2014  / „Always Ready“ – an exhibition by Neda Firfova, curator: Ivana Vaseva

„Always Ready“ – an exhibition by Neda Firfova, curator: Ivana Vaseva

External activity | Neda Firfova, Ivana Vaseva | Аways Ready | curator: Ivana Vaseva | Youth Cultural Center, Skopje | 24 April – 8 May, 2014. 
Instead of taking sides – critiquing the ideological spectacles of communism, for example, or supporting the memory of that spectacle to reinforce egalitarian ideas of collectivity – what interests me in the exhibition Always Ready and in the redesign and reenactment of mass games and their props is the knowledge lost alongside the cultural amnesia after the fall of communism.
If we look at this visual spectacle as a specifically designed system of propaganda, how is it possible that we have no knowledge of how it was produced, who produced it, or what its main contents and dis-contents were? How is it not embedded in our design and art education as a method of communication? Or has its way of functioning always been a well-kept secret?


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