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presstoexit / 2013  / Yane Calovski’s presentation as part of the GODZILLA and the PHOENIX event of OuUnPo/Vision Forum
ouunpo day2-1

Yane Calovski’s presentation as part of the GODZILLA and the PHOENIX event of OuUnPo/Vision Forum

18 – 27 June, 2013

External activity | Yane Calovski’s presentation as part of the Godzilla and the Phoenix event | curatorial project presented by OuUnPo | Tokyo/Yokohama | Coordinated by Per Hüttner and Samon Takahashi

Godzilla and The Phoenix is the second phase in a series of events organized by OuUnPo, and will take place in Japan between 18-27 of June, 2013. OuUnPo has chosen the two mythical creatures, Godzilla and The Phoenix as a starting point to develop dialogue and research with local partners in Japan. The goal is to use local knowledge to gain a deeper understanding of how renewal and creativity are interlinked. Godzilla and The Phoenix represent east and west, but also rebirth from destruction, underlining that every fundamental societal change is based on a different outlook on the world.

ouunpo day2-1

The session will address issues like: how can historical problem resolution help and/or mislead us in the present? How do our expectations of the future shape how we see the reality that surrounds us and how we act in the present? How can exchanges between different disciplines and between different cultures offer tools to help us to foster creativity and safeguard diversity?

Previously, OuUnPo held a session in Lebanon (December 2012) and after the Japan session, the group will continue to investigate future topics in Sweden (May 2014) and Brazil (September 2014). During each session, OuUnPo looks at how heritage and crises are linked to explore the similarities and differences in how people respond and deal with situations of regeneration in each country– and most importantly, how negative situations can be used for the development of new ideas and solutions.

OuUnPo is a group of artists, curators and researchers, and operates like an itinerant laboratory co-creating and sharing knowledge through artistic production.

Contributors: Sara Giannini, 西原 鶴真(Kakushin Nishihara), 武谷 大介(Daisuke Takeya), 藤井 光(Hikaru Fujii), 高山 明(Akira Takayama), Natasha Rosling, Yane Calovski, Nikola Nikolovski, 猪飼 尚司(Hisashi Ikai), 柳原 照広(Teruhiro Yanagihara), Damien Faure, 塚本 由晴 (Yoshiharu Tsukamoto ), 東京ピクニッククラブ(Tokyo Pic-Nic Club), Natalia Kamia, 丹羽 良徳(Yoshinori Niwa), Marcus Petterson, Åbäke, 山本 高之(Takayuki Yamamoto), 小泉 明郎(Meiro Koizumi), Raffaella della Olga, 諸泉 茂(Shigeru Moroizumi), 新野 圭二郎(Keijiro Niino), 近藤 健一(Kenichi Kondo), Zeina Assaf, Boat People Association, 山野 真吾(Shingo Yamano), Bucci, 嶋田 勇介(Yusuke Shimada), 須弥山(Shumisen), 工藤 丈輝(Taketeru Kudo), 稲吉 稔(Minoru Inayoshi),  Fatos Ustek, Stephen Whitmarsh, Queen’s Ostrich, Elena Nemkova, Carl Stone, Christophe Charles, Megane, 遠藤 一郎(Ichiro Endo), 西﨑 健人(Takehito Nishizaki), 杉田このみ(Konomi Sugita), Jacopo Miliani, 曽我 高明(Takaaki Soga), 中里 和人(Katsuhito Nakazato), 嘉藤 笑子(Emiko Kato), Claudia Squitieri, Per Hüttner and Samon Takahashi.



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