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presstoexit / 2013  / Yane Calovski’s presentation as part of the exhibition On the Move
Yane Calovski Recount Redrawn 2013 detail

Yane Calovski’s presentation as part of the exhibition On the Move

26 April – 30 June, 2013

External activity | Yane Calovski’s presentation as part of the exhibition On the Move of the European Kunsthalle | KUB Arena, Kunsthaus Bregenz, Austria/ Curated by Vanessa Joan Müller & Astrid Wege (European Kunsthalle) and Eva Birkenstock & Yilmaz Dziewior (Kunsthaus Bregenz)

Yane Calovski Recount Redrawn 2013 detail
Yane Calovski, Recount Redrawn, 2013, detail

In the exhibition On the Move. European Kunsthalle at the KUB Arena it is precisely these aspects of performativity, of the appearance and disappearance of temporary artistic and institutional spaces, that are being focused on and raised for discussion. Drawing on elements of past European Kunsthalle activities, on staging strategies and general questions around cultural, social, and institutional spaces, the participating artists developed a wealth of ways of looking at the principle of »eventfulness« and its implications.

After examining archive materials, the Macedonian artist Yane Calovski suggests a subjective reading of European Kunsthalle history in the drawings he has developed for the exhibition.

Project-based, performative, on the move is a possible description of the European Kunsthalle’s program. Founded in Cologne in 2005 as a discursive platform without any fixed premises, it has developed its own forms of institutional action. As a contemporary art institution that combines a wide range of artistic procedures and interventions in current art and cultural debates, it exists wherever its projects take place. The European Kunsthalle itself has the attributes of an event, appearing only to disappear and then reappear somewhere else.

The program also includes live Lectures, discussions and film screenings.

Yane Calovski Recount Redrawn 2013
Yane Calovski, Recount Redrawn, 2013



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